May 10, 2017 By College Ave Student Loans

4 Financial Benefits of a Summer Job Beyond the Paycheck

Sure, you’ll make money when you take on a summer job – but have you thought about all the other benefits you’ll get too?

1. The opportunity to network and make connections. 

When you take on a summer job, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other professionals. If you perform well and do a great job, you’ll make lasting impressions on the people you work with. Building these connections is very valuable and can be helpful for years to come – whether it’s by getting a summer job the following year or even landing a full-time position once you graduate.

2. You’ll get real job experience.

If you wait until you’re done school to get your first job, your resume is lacking. If you already spent your summers working, you may even be past entry-level by the time you graduate. Real job experience, coupled with your college degree, could make you a much more appealing candidate to employers, which can mean better job opportunities and a higher starting salary.

3. The potential for free or discounted room and board.

Some summer-only positions come with discounted (or completely free) housing, and that’s on top of a paycheck. Since college dorms usually close for the summer, this might give you options other than moving home with mom and dad and help you save some money at the same time.

4. You’ll likely perform better in school. 

A summer job can give you a glimpse into the real world, which can help to improve your confidence and time management skills as well as motivate you for the future. You’ll likely return to school with a new perspective. Performing the best you possibly can in school has tremendous benefits. Earning good grades means you won’t have to repeat required courses, plus they look great on your transcript!