July 6, 2016 By The College Juice

10 Easy Ways to Save Money in College

Saving money in college might seem like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be! A few easy changes can really add up and mean a lot of extra savings for you.

Learning to save in college can lead to a future of good financial decisions, so now is a great time to start.

Check out these tips to see if there are any simple changes you can implement in your life to save some cash.

Tips to Save Money in College

1. Turn off your lights.
Cutting down your utility bill is a great – and simple – way to save some extra money. The easiest way to start? Turn your lights off every time you leave the room and every time you leave the house.

2. Pass on going out to eat.
If you already have food in your dorm or apartment, or you already pay for a meal plan, cut the extra costs that come with eating out.

3. Take advantage of student discounts.
Tons of companies, both national and local, offer discounts to students….simply for being students. Before you make a purchase, check to see what discounts you can use.

4. Keep the change.
It’s the oldest trick in the book. Get yourself a jar (or even a piggy bank) and stash your spare change whenever you have it on hand. You’ll be surprised how quickly it will add up.

5. Cut down on caffeine.
Stop for a tall latte every morning before class? Those frothy beverages add up quickly. Try cutting them out, or at least cutting back.

6. Use the campus gym.
Most college campuses have a gym that students can use for free. Why drop extra money per month on a membership when you can work out free of charge on campus?

7. Check out free events.
A lot of colleges regularly host free events like movie nights or comedy shows. Keep up with the campus activity schedule and take advantage when you can!

8. Stay in every once in a while.
It can be tempting to go paint the town red every Friday and Saturday (and Tuesday and Thursday) night. Try to spend a night in every once in a while – read a book or watch a movie. Your wallet will thank you.

9. Unsubscribe from daily deals sites.
This might sound counter-intuitive – these deals help you save, right? Not always. Think about how many things you ended up buying that you didn’t need. Unsubscribe and resist temptation.

10. Skip the bottled water.
Invest in a Brita and inexpensive reusable water bottle. Instead of paying for bottled water every day, you can refill as many times as you like at no additional cost.

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