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#CollegeAveMadness Scholarship Contest

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college ave madness

Do you take pride in your school? Do you think your campus is the best in the world? Well now is your chance to show it off.

We’re on a quest to find the campus with the best College Ave, and in return, we’re giving away $9,000 in scholarships! There will be 32 winners of scholarship prizes ranging from $100 to $2,150. Plus, we will donate $1,000 to the grand prize winner’s charity of choice!

enter to win

To enter the #CollegeAveMadness contest, all you need to do is follow 3 easy steps:

1) Find Your College Ave

Head on down to the College Ave on your campus. Don’t have a College Ave? Don’t worry. The “main” street will work just fine!

2) Snap Your Best Photo

Capture what your College Ave represents. Time to get creative – selfies, group shots, or scenic portraits are all fair game.

3) Submit Your Photo

Click here and submit your photo by 4 PM (ET) on MARCH 11, 2016 to be eligible to win.

Once the submission period is over, the top 64 photos will be selected to go head-to-head in a bracket-style tournament. The more matchups you win, the more money you win!

For more information, please visit the official #CollegeAveMadness contest page.

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