April 6, 2017 By College Ave Student Loans

5 Top-Paying Summer Jobs

So, you’ve decided to take on a summer job, but maybe you’re not sure where to begin. Maybe you’re looking for something that aligns with your career goals and will give you great job experience and you aren’t putting as much thought into salary. On the other hand, maybe you want to take advantage of your time off from school to make as much extra cash as possible. With data from PayScale and Business Insider, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top-paying summer jobs for college students.

Here are five top-paying summer jobs:

1. Summer camp coordinator

Average hourly pay range: $9.94-$30.64

What you’ll do: As a summer camp coordinator, you’ll help to look after kids, plan activities, and organize classes. Requirements may vary by program, and some may require previous experience in working with children and/or CPR certification.

How to know it’s a right fit for you: If you love working with kids, enjoy the great outdoors, and you’re organized, this could be an enjoyable way to spend your summer.

2. Content writer

Average hourly pay range: $11.98-$26.99

What you’ll do: As a content writer, you’ll work on web copy, such as blogs and landing pages. You may work for an agency that provides copy for various companies, a company’s internal marketing team, or you might freelance and work on your own. Content writers typically work in offices or at home. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out www.flocku.com, www.fiverr.com or www.hercampus.com to find out if this sort of thing is for you.

How to know it’s a right fit for you: If you love to write, work well independently, and are computer savvy, working as a content writer can be a fun summer job for you. If you already have an established blog, that’s even better!

3. Office Assistant

Average hourly pay range: $9.61-$17.43

What you’ll do: Office assistants typically work full-time and year-round, but some offices have a need for temporary help over the summer—for example, if the full-time employee is on maternity leave, or they need someone else to cover extended summer hours. As an office assistant, you’ll help things run smoothly by coordinating schedules, ordering office supplies, and taking phone messages. If this sort of job sounds right for you, be sure to check out both online job sites and temporary staffing agencies to find these opportunities in your area.

How to know it’s a right fit for you: If you have strong customer service skills, an eye for detail and your organizational skills are impeccable, working as an office manager might be the perfect fit.

4. Tour guide

Average hourly pay range: $8.64-$19.90

What you’ll do: If you live in a touristy destination, you can work during the summer as a tour guide and show tour groups around to some of your city’s top spots. With summer being travel season and a peak season for many cities nationwide, it’s usually the best time of year to work as a tour guide. You can apply to work as a tour guide at a local company, or you can start your own summer business as a tour guide.

How to know it’s a right fit for you: If you’re friendly and don’t mind speaking to larger groups, this job can be right up your alley. It also helps to know a lot about your city’s history and have good memorization skills, as you may need to memorize a specific script (or at the very least, remember key facts about certain points of interest).

5. Environmental field technician

Average hourly pay range: $9.99-$22.81

What you’ll do: Usually a seasonal job, finding an available position as an environmental field technician in your area for the summer might not be too challenging. You’ll investigate pollution sources by taking samples of soil and water and preparing them for shipping.

How to know it’s a right fit for you: If you have an interest in the sciences and would prefer a summer job that allows you to work outdoors often, working as an environmental field technical might be a perfect match.

Although finding a top-paying summer job might be one of your main objectives, remember that a summer job offers other benefits, some of which can be more valuable in the long term than the money you’ll earn. For instance, you could gain real industry experience at a company you’d love to work at someday, or you could get the opportunity to network and make connections with other professionals, which can be very valuable in the future.